TrainingOur dedicated training department works closely with the managers of each service to identify service specific training requirements based on the assessed needs of the individuals we support alongside all mandatory training.

We invest in the development of our staff and use a robust appraisal system to be able to meet the ever changing needs of our staff and service users.

All staff on commencement of employment are placed on the LDQ (Learning Disabilities Qualification) induction, which includes the common induction standards. There is a career pathway which applies to all staff at all levels in this industry. Each member of staff in their induction pack are issued with a learning and development record as an expectation of their learning and development within the organisation.

Additional training requirements are identified by matching the staff's existing skills base against the career pathway criteria. This is when gaps are identified and shortfalls are met by staff attending the training. These additional requirements are highlighted in their monthly performance reviews and when required further training is completed.

Autism Care facilitates lifelong learning by providing a forum to all staff in which they can access quiet areas, resource materials and qualified staff to further deliver effective training. Many specialist services deliver training and workshops to staff on a regular basis and employees at all levels are encouraged to attend workshops, conferences and events which develop learning and enhanced understanding of the service in which they have chosen as a vocation.

Staff are continually assessed via supervisions, practical and written assessments to ensure their qualification standards and the organisations strategy is up-to-date with industry changes and to ensure they are performing to best practice. There is a rolling training matrix in place, which enables staff to access training courses in line with their training/learning needs and requests as and when they need to.

Internal and external quality checks ensure that all learning and development is delivered and received to a quality standard in line with national and locally recognised criteria.