Family Carers have their say about ACUK services!

by ACUK 15. April 2012 08:30

The senior team here at ACUK have comitted to ensuring the very best standards of customer care to the family members of people we support (and of course those individuals themselves).

We undertake an annual Family carer's survey and commit to sharing this across the organisation and beyond.

Here are some of the headlines -

Asked if ACUK staff are consistently polite and courteous - 98% agree or strongly agree

Asked if your realative is supoorted to lead 'a life of happiness, dignity, achievement and inclusion' (The ACUK mission statement) - 95% agree or strongly agree

Asked about being made welcome on visits - 95% agree or strongly agree

Here is what Service Delivery Director Zoe Armstrong says about the results;

"The carers survey has been massively encouraging and gived me confidence that our services are family carer freindly. However we will never bocome complacent and I want the next survey results to be even better. This ecercise has also given carer's the opportunity to raise specific issues with us and we will be following up on all of these. I would also like to thanks all our staff teams for their collective contribution to these excellent results"

If you would like a full copy of the survey results please get in tocuh with us via

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