Autism Care feel it is vital to ensure that the service user or potential service user is at the centre of the support solution. Therefore, if an individual needs support at specific times during their day within their own environment, we would develop a versatile yet structured model of support to facilitate these requirements.

This can include dynamic on call support solutions for individuals and robust, anticipatory crisis intervention depending on the needs of the service user and the requirements of the situation.

What the service users say:

"I first met Autism Care after getting into trouble with the police. My care manager organised a meeting with them for me along with my mum and dad. I was quite nervous and shy at first.

I was under the terms and conditions of a treatment order, so Autism Care worked very closely with my parents and care managers to prepare a support package for me.

I spent three months in a residential unit getting to know the staff and working out what the next step would be for me. Autism Care helped me to get some work experience with a local business and helped me develop the skills I needed for this using the Open College Network.

I have done a variety of activities with the staff, which include snowboarding, shopping trips and paint balling. I now live in a house that I rent with my girlfriend and Autism Care come and take me shopping and visit me every day.

My key staff, who I was introduced to in the first meeting, are still involved with my support and I can ring them whenever I need to. "